Music For Gait Training

Our functional training music for gait training were developed by music therapists on the basis of daily clinical work with a variety of patients. They were designed for the rehabilitative gait therapy with neurological patients (stroke, parkinson’s) and orthopaedic (knee or hip joint surgery) patients.

The music programs may be used for clinical therapies as well as for individual home training.

Music for gait training – sample 95 bpm in folk style

Our music can be found as GAIT TRAINING FOLK in tempi 90, 95, 100, 106, 112, 118 and 125 bpm at our partner online stores, e.g. ITunes, amazon music, Spotify.

We are currently working on new tracks in POP and Rock style.

For GAIT TRAINING ROCK the song 95 bpm is finished already.

GAIT TRAINING POP is just about to get realized.

Here you can have preliminary try: