CuraSwing – the App for Music Feedback

The app CuraSwing turns music into movement. The arm swing during walking is translated into a stimulating music. For this purpose, the powerful sensor system of the smartphone was combinded with a highly complex music mapping. CuraSwing provides a uniquie movement experience. The innovative technique can contribute to optimize therapeutic and rehabilitative strategies (e.g. for parkinson’s).

The App CuraSwing was realized in cooperation with the CuraSwing GmbH. It is exclusively available in the App Store from Apple.

The Beelitz Music Gym – Beelitzer Musikgymnastik

This music guided home training program was developed by for the Parkinsonzentrum Beelitz-Heilstaetten, Germany. The program is available on the YOUTUBE CHANNEL of the Parkinsonzentrum Beelitz-Heilst├Ątten.

Music For Gait Training

Our music therapeutic audio programs have been produced on the basis of the most recent scientific knowledge. All tracks are based on a steady metric beat and have been optimized for therapeutic walking for clearly defined step frequencies. Our music can help to enhance the walking pattern instantanously. It is suitable for long-term training programs.

Music tracks for gait training are now available as GERMAN FOLK.

Music productions for gait training in ELECTRO-POP and ROCK are in preparation and awaiting their realisation.

Swallow – Bell

This audio program was developed by in form of a swallow reminder training in cooperation with Dr. Grit Mallien.

It serves as an important therapeutic aid for people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia), e.g. in parkinson’s disease.