CuraSwing – the App for Music Feedback

The app CuraSwing turns music into movement. The arm swing during walking is translated into a stimulating music.This allows people with Parkinson’s to learn again to swing the affected arm stronger.

The App CuraSwing was realized in cooperation with the Parkinson Center Beelitz-Heilstätten and Nagual Sounds GmbH. It is available in the App Store from Apple.

The Beelitz Music Gym – Beelitzer Musikgymnastik

This music guided home training program was developed by for the Parkinsonzentrum Beelitz-Heilstaetten, Germany.


Here for the first time innovative tailor-made functional music was created for physiotherapeutic exercises.

The home training program consists of an audio cd and a illustrated broschure (both in german language) and is available at the Parkinsonzentrum Beelitz-Heilstätten.



Music For Gait Training

Our music therapeutic audio programs have been produced on the basis the most recent scientific knowledge. All tracks are based on a steady beat and have been optimized for therapeutic walking for clearly defined step fequencies. Our music can helpt to enhance the walking pattern instantanously as well as long-lastingly.


Music tracks for gait training are now available as GERMAN FOLK.


Music productions for gait training in ELECTRO-POP and ROCK are in preparation and awaiting their realisation.

Swallow – Bell

This audio program was developed by in form of a swallow reminder training in cooperation with Dr. Grit Mallien.

It serves as an important therapeutic aid for people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia), e.g. in parkinson’s disease.